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This textile collection is a source of inspiration for contemporary creations. East and West are the two poles of the textile history of Museum collections.

Coptic tapestries, Sassanid Persian textiles, Muslim and Byzantine fabrics, Asia Minor carpets reflect the very essence of the history of Oriental civilisations.
Sicily and the Italian Republics played a major role in the origin of silk weaving in Europe, soon followed by the quick development of the French silk production.
Lyons production is given pride of place with ornamentists such as Pillement, Philippe de Lasalle or Dugourc.
In the nineteenth century, important Imperial and Royal commissions helped revive silk industry in Lyons. The high level of craftsmanship goes on well into the nineteenth century with the collaboration of talented designers such as Raoul Dufy and Sonia Delaunay.

The idea of a textile museum goes as far back as the first half of the nineteenth century. The chamber of Commerce finalised this project in 1856 and created a “Textile Industry Museum”. Natalis Rondot was sent on several missions to study the Institutions newly created by the Sciences and Arts department in England and mainly the organisation of Industry museums. The idea to link Arts and Industry was coming from England where the first Universal Exhibition had taken place in 1851 followed by the creation of the South Kensington Museum, later named : Victoria and Albert Museum.

N. Rondot handed his report in 1858 and work to install the new museum began at once, on the second floor of the Palais de la Bourse. The “Arts and Industry Museum” was opened to the public in 1864. In 180O, Edouard Aynard, then President of the Chamber of Commerce enriched and transformed it till it became an incomparable institution in the domain of textiles and took the name of “Musée Historique des Tissus”

The Textile Museum, in the hôtel de Villeroy, also houses the “Centre International d’Etudes des Textiles Anciens” (CIETA), the “Textile Centre" for Lyon and the region, and the Fashion University association. With a collection of three to four millions documents, the Textile Museum in Lyons, 34 rue de la Charité, is indisputably of unvaluable interest to the textile world.

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